Sunday, October 15, 2006


Surprise, surprise. The "comeback" is official; the new album is imminent. Now that he's a business, man, and everything he does is an event, it's easy to forget that Jay-Z reached this status in no small part by being a formidable MC. In 1995, Big L had the record deal and Jay-Z was just an underground rapper still putting in dues. You may have heard this classic radio appearance before but it's always worth another listen. Both MCs show off rapid-fire deliveries, with Big L focusing on the punchlines and Jigga switching up his patterns with ease. Seven minutes of microphone terrorism.

Jay-Z and Big L on Stretch and Bobbito

I am not sure where or when this brief live performance comes from. Based on The Jaz's presence, it's around 1998 at the latest, and I'm guessing a few years before that.

Jay-Z, Jaz, and Busta Rhymes live


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